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Slay the Spire
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Why revealing all is the secret of Slay The Spire's success
Craft a unique deck, encounter bizarre creatures, discover relics of immense power, and Slay the Spire!
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The devs have kept up a near-weekly schedule of updates, and the game is already very polished.
Personally I prefer the character "The Silent" -- unlocked after a first run with the other character, "The Ironclad" -- which can be built around drawing a ...
“That was another good sign, right, that if you get good enough then hiding that stuff doesn't matter anyway,” says Giovannetti. “So why even hide it?
slay the spire preview pc - meat milkshake
Event - The Ssssserpent
Splendid deck-building roguelikelike dungeon-crawler Slay The Spire will leave early access and launch in full on January 23rd, 2019, developers Mega Crit ...
Slay the Spire is a brilliant genre mash-up with third-act problems | PC Gamer
Roguelike Deckbuilder Slay the Spire Adds Depth with a
The third Slay The Spire character is a robot wizard who manipulates orbs, named The Defect, and you can check it out today. The Defect has arrived in the ...
Slay the Spire - Dinosaurs. It's a weekly patch! We've been working on a daily mode and the third character but there are still some fixes and goodies.
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Slay the Spire has had a large amount of content added since it hit Early Access, and now there is even more. The third character, The Defect, ...
Sold his soul to harness demonic energies.” - in game description. The ironclad is the first character you have available, most of his decks end up ...
I'm not quite sure how they did it, but Slay the Spire makes flicking cards at 2D monsters feel as good as letting loose with a flurry of fists in a ...
Event - Upgrade Shrine
Slay the Spire - Dinosaurs. Hey everyone,
Slay the Spire - Dinosaurs. Hey world,
Let's Play Slay The Spire Episode 34 [Heart of the Spire] Silent Ascension
Just like in FTL, some random events tie together, so you can for instance pick up an item and a later event will reward you for having it, ...
Ironclad by Limbo-Chan
Now to do it again as The Silent.
Slay the Spire - Dinosaurs. Hey everyone,
THE DEFECT by WestlyLaFleur
Click to expand.
She does have really long hair, ...
Dagger Spray of Silent by 마른비_DryRain
It's really great to see all these characters drawn in different ways, doing different things. We're going to keep sharing it with everyone else :).
(Slay the Spire screen grab) ...
For the Silent, something like Shuriken will reward you heavily for playing low cost, high volume attack cards, and is a godsend for Shiv-based strategies.
a Transient redesign by MrKrane[www.artstation.com]
Hey everyone,
(Slay the Spire screen grab)
Neow by Marce Ricardo
MAXING E ON ZILEAN IS THE KEY | So OP your mom is a mom
Vanquish bloodthirsty creatures, the devotees of a twisted religion. Hand-crafted pixel art
Hey everyone,
#inktober2018 Day 4 - The Silent Fire - because it's only fitting that @megacrit's #slaythespire be featured - drawing is an important part of it after all.
Drive Back the Forces of Chaos in Warhammer: Vermintide 2
Gremlin Leader by @l3w15911
PT (Silent Hills)
Video Game / Demon's Souls
Silent Hill Horror Films, Funny Horror, Horror Art, Dr Suess, Silent Hill
That's No-No Cool Art, Concept Art, Scenery, Character Design, Conceptual
There's plenty of folk living in The Spire. Thankfully not all of them want you dead.
'Magic: The Gathering – Arena' faithfully replicates everything about the card game,
i lift my lamp beside the golden door - jennifer hom | illustrator
Big Daddy and little sister by DokaChimera.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt Bioshock Artwork
Big City Excerpts | Illustrator: Brandon Johnson
Legend Of Zelda Art Jam
10th anniversary Bioshock artwork Bioshock Infinite, Fantasy Inspiration, Writing Inspiration, Bioshock Series,
Let's Play Slay the Spire: Silent Ascension Level 16 - Episode 403
October is a good month to paint pumpkins
I Ventriloquist - I Silence by Ricardo David, via Behance > http:/
Persona 3
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The Plight of the Word Doctor - An Interview With Where the Water Tastes Like Wine's Laura Michet
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Share your favourite moments from Obsidian games and win consoles! • Eurogamer.net
artwork by James Kurella
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Video Game / Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Project Seele
Shoot, loot, glide and build your way to victory in Fortnite Battle Royale.
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Nintendo unveils Switch Online service and (finally) a new Animal Crossing game for Switch
Video Game / Karmaflow The Rock Opera Videogame
[Art] A High Elf Assassin #games #Skyrim #elderscrolls #BE3 #gaming # videogames #Concours #NGC