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Modernday AU versions of Legolas and Thranduil from quotThe Hobbit
Modern-day AU versions of Legolas and Thranduil from "The Hobbit" - Art by sevnilock.tumblr.com
Thranduil and Legolas from "The Hobbit" - Art by levineh.tumblr.com - Modern -day AU, I think
Modern Thranduil catching a glimpse of Legolas and Tauriel chatting / flirting ... Whatever you prefer :)
Thranduil and Legolas
Modern Mirkwood - Thranduil and Legolas bed time -- Трандуил и Леголас. АУ | A King and His Little Leaf in 2018 | Pinterest | Legolas, The Hobbit and ...
Modern Hobbit Characters by Kaye Magistro: Thranduil
Oropher and young Thranduil
Mirkwood AU Legolas - Леголас. АУ
#1 - Thranduil and Legolas getting into trouble with Naneth
jaegervega: Jumping on the modern AU bandwagon with Gigolas because why not?
Modern Kili & Tauriel (The Hobbit) <-- AWWWW!!!! <3
Modern Mirkwood - Thranduil and Legolas
Thranduil, his wife, and baby Legolas from "The Hobbit" - Art by kagalin
Modern Hobbit characters: Galadriel (by Kaye Magistro) Legolas, Thranduil, Hobbit 3
modern legolas fan art
Previous pinner said: helliecarouselsaid: Hope this is the right place. Can you pls draw modern Thranduil and Legolas?
AU Modern era by vampiry (Elrond and Thranduil)
Legolas and Thranduil by nico.
AU modern! Thranduil (found on eldamar vk) Thranduil, Legolas, Elvish,
Modern Mirkwood, Thranduil and little Legolas -- Трандуил и маленький Леголас. АУ Legolas
Thranduil, his wife and baby Legolas by 花 - From "The Hobbit"
Image result for The Hobbit social media AU by cargsdoodles | Geek <3 in 2018 | Pinterest | The Hobbit, Lord of the rings and Tolkien
Modern-day AU versions of Legolas and Thranduil from "The Hobbit" - Art
Tauriel, Jrr Tolkien, The Hobbit Thranduil, Lee Pace Thranduil
Legolas and Thranduil, AU
cargsdoodles the hobbit - Google Search
Thranduil and Legolas, modern AU, by staRember
Originally it was for Halloween request, but I couldn't make that mood…so just a day of Mirkwood :) tauriel and Legolas
Modern Thranduil and Legolas in #sorry i'm not sorry about my elf problem | elves in 2018 | Pinterest | Legolas, The Hobbit and Lord of the rings
Thranduil shaking his head in disbelief that Legolas is married to Galadwen.(See my
#LeePace as #Thranduil in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.
Thranduil and his wife by hatteeho 3 That's so sweet!)) You can read
Lord Of The Rings, Lee Pace Thranduil, Legolas, The Hobbit, Lotr,
ain't nobody fresher than my clique, clique, clique, clique.... sorry that song kind of got stuck in my head
Lee Pace as Thranduil Earth Movie, Lee Pace Thranduil, Legolas, Middle Earth,
Thranduil's wife, Legolas's mother. The one woman many elves try not … #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad
The Hobbit Thranduil, Lee Pace Thranduil,
And some days I'm Thranduil. #thehobbit | Hobbit - Lord Of The Rings - Stuff in 2018 | Pinterest | The Hobbit, Lord of the rings and …
Tolkien/Marvel/Bowie/TvShows - sigun-i-loki: Legolas and Thranduil by 楚眠
Legolas aus Heer der Ringe und dem Hobbit
Thranduil by StaRember modern au
Thranduil and Legolas Modern AU Legolas Father, Legolas And Thranduil, Mirkwood Elves, The
MUSH_thrandolas Tolkien Hobbit, The Hobbit, Lotr Elves, Mirkwood Elves, Elven Queen,
Thranduil, Legolas and Tauriel OMG THEY HAVE TO GET MARRIED I LOVE THEM. and i love these three
Thranduil being saved by Elrond. Poor crying Legolas in the back is just breaking my heart.
Thranduil and Legolas by OMIX. I just can't get over little manga Legolas. He's just so adorable!
thranduil battle of five armies
The Hobbit - Thranduil x Bard - Barduil Legolas And Gimli, Bilbo Baggins, The
AU Thranduil from the Hobbit or Alexander from Amnesia? The world may never know.
#Thranduil# ...
Legolas, AU << the grumpy the thranduil snowman is my favorite Fantasy
Young Legolas viewing the gardens of Mirkwood for the first time.(Alone) Or a young Thranduil.
Thranduil; ah yes, I'm afraid this is too true! Hobbit Hole
Thranduil Hobbit Art, Tolkien Hobbit, The Hobbit Thranduil, Gandalf, Lord Of The
The Hobbit | Thranduil | Desolation of Smaug The Hobbit Thranduil, Gandalf, Legolas,
tumblr_mztm8f5g881rvgvg7o1_500.jpg (500×714) Lotr Elves, Mirkwood Elves, Legolas And
Legolas by kanapy-art.deviantart.com on @deviantART
Legolas Father, Great King, Lotr, Thranduil, Fairy Tales, Fan Art
An elf with slightly less than perfect hair. A rare sight indeed Thranduil Cosplay,
image Lee Pace Thranduil, Legolas And Thranduil, Tauriel, Fellowship Of The Ring,
Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop Lee Pace Thranduil, Film, Falling In Love
Thorin modern - Google zoeken
Oropher, Thranduil and Legolas
Thranduil and Legolas by Mr-Chucky
cargsdoodles the hobbit - Google Search
Thranduil and Legolas. I have a special fondness for magazine cover AUs
"Doodle: Fili and Kili modern AU." Posted on Tumblr.com by evankart.
Lord of the Rings 【warning】 SLASH ! Thranduil X Legolas It's a present for my friend. LOTR---Thranduil X Legolas
Young Legolas from "The Hobbit", after his mother's death (movie-verse) - Art by nevui-penim-miruvorrr.tumblr.com
Thranduil and Wife
Thranduil, Legolas' father, from The Hobbit
Image result for cargsdoodles the hobbit
Thranduil from "The Hobbit" - Art by Cyancrown Legolas And Thranduil, Tauriel,
I seriously only pinned this because Thanny is being a spy in the background XD
Thranduil, Legolas, The Hobbit, Jrr Tolkien, Lee Pace, King, Lotr, Sketching, Elves
Thranduil, Legolas, Tauriel, Elrond and Lindir, AU
shoujo-addict: Thranduil and Legolas #hobbit #fanart | My nerd stuff in 2018 | Pinterest | Legolas, The Hobbit and Thranduil
I do love the movie Hobbits, the elves are so cool~ I nearly cried when I saw the father, the king's sorrow. Thranduil-AS A KING
Previous pinner says: Thorin and Young Bilbo If this is a fanfic, I kinda wanna read it. The only thing cuter than a hobbit putting up with a bunch of ...
Unwelcome by ancalinar.deviantart.com on @deviantART Thranduil, Tron Ze Szkła,
오늘 이후로 난 남자 울리는 bad girl Legolas Father, Legolas And Thranduil, Tauriel
The king and Prince of Mirkwood <--- *gasp* What's better than Legolas? Little Legolas! Dying from adorableness!
thranduil Hobbit Films, The Hobbit Movies, Fellowship Of The Ring, Lord Of The
Lee Pace as King Thranduil in The Hobbit Trilogies (2012-2014) Elvish,
#LeePace as Thranduil in #BOTFA fan edit. Middle Earth, Lord Of The
Haldir and Galadriel, Arwen and Elrond, and Legolas and Thranduil <3 | All Things Lord of the Rings | Legolas, The Hobbit, Lord of the rings
The Hobbit Thranduil, Lee Pace Thranduil, Jrr Tolkien, Hobbit Cosplay, King Of
Modern Hobbit Social Media - Eowyn kicks ass by cargsdoodles
The Hobbit social media AU by cargsdoodles
The Majesty in motion ❤ #leepace #LOTR #thehobbit #thranduil #
Thranduil Wallpaper
1 of 2 Haldir/Legolas! Late valentine's day John Keats, Legolas, Lord
Thranduil, King of Mirkwood. Doesn't he look a little like Lucius Malfoy? Maybe it is just the long, straight, white hair. Or the haughty look.
Thranduil and lil' Legolas - - Or Oropher and baby Thrandy,
Tauriel and Legolas from "The Hobbit" - Art by cccrystalclear.tumblr.com
It looks like thranduil when his father died Legolas And Thranduil, Jrr Tolkien, Lee
Thranduil and Legolas by Akita-sensei
Thranduil and little Legolas (Modern AU)