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What is 39Plaque39 and how does it affect teeth Plaque is a colorless
Dental Plaque
Dental exam of teeth checking for plaque and tartar
What Is Tooth Decay?
Periodontal cleanings are necessary for patients who have a known history of periodontal disease, and need to be followed and their teeth professionally ...
What is Plaque 6
Dental Caries And Plaque
What's the Difference Between Plaque and Tartar?
Before plaque disclosing agent.
Does brushing with dentifrice help remove dental plaque?
What is Tooth Plaque and Tartar and How to Remove Them
... Young Woman Flossing Teeth In Bathroom
How to Remove Dental Plaque At Home Using Coconut Oil - AMAZING RESULT!
How to Remove Tartar Buildup FAST naturally! 😍
Plaque and tartar causing bleeding, inflamed gums
What is plaque? Plaque is a sticky colorless deposit of bacteria. Plaque begins forming on teeth 4 to 12 hours after brushing, which is why it is so ...
Teeth are held firmly in place by the gums, bone and periodontal ligament. Gums hug the teeth tightly. There is little or no buildup of plaque and tartar.
An Overview of Tartar
As the gums recede, the teeth look longer. Gaps can also appear between the
Causes of Dental Plaque
plaque removal
Infographic showing the parts of a tooth
If plaque is not treated, it destroys the tissues holding the teeth, decays the teeth, produces bad breath, and finally the tooth is lost.
Toxins produced by the bacteria in plaque irritate the gums. The body in essence turns on itself, and the tissues and bone that support the teeth are broken ...
Two girl toddlers brushing teeth at bathroom sink
Periodontal Therapy
Flossing in between your teeth means you are cleaning the areas that your toothbrush (yes, even your smart electric toothbrush) cannot reach.
Plaque is a colorless film that builds on your child's teeth and contains millions of bacteria. If not properly cleaned, plaque will eventually harden into ...
... cold drinks, and crunchy items, then what's the harm? The brittleness and cold temperature of an ice cube are the reason for the teeth to fracture.
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Picture of Human Tooth
Illustration of a tooth with groth of plaque, a pocket between gum and tooth and
Heavy plaque
What Is a Dental Plaque and How to Remove It
next, brush your teeth. Do this twice a day when you're doing Invisalign treatments. Use a toothbrush that's soft, with fluoride on ther, and brush on every ...
Gingivitis can progress to periodontitis, a more serious form of gum disease, which, if left untreated, can cause teeth to loosen and eventually need to be ...
Gum disease is caused by plaque – a sticky, colourless film of bacteria that is constantly forming on your teeth. These bacteria produce toxins that can ...
affects of soft drinks on teeth
periodontal-disesae-1 periodontal-disesae-2
First of all we should know what plaque is. Dental plaque is a sticky, colorless film of bacteria and sugars that constantly forms on our teeth.
What is a plaque?
Tartar and Your Teeth
If teeth are spaced tightly, it's hard to clean between them to remove plaque. People who experience gum recession may also develop cavities on exposed root ...
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Image of yellow calculus and plaque on teeth
While many people are now aware that smoking can adversely affect their health, some do not know that smoking can also adversely affect their oral health?
In the mildest form of the disease, gingivitis, the gums redden, swell and bleed easily. There is usually little or no discomfort.
Step 1: The plaque forms along your gum line.
Plaque is at first a soft, colourless substance which is difficult to see until the coating is quite thick and becomes a white layer.
Oral Hygiene
Disease is caused by the bacteria in plaque, a sticky, colorless film that constantly forms on your teeth.
At Jordan Orthodontics, we recommend our patients use a Proxabrush, which is an interdental (between the teeth) toothbrush that you can use to clean ...
Left untreated gum disease can result in tooth loss. Plaque is the sticky colorless ...
Plaque Problems
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Your Children Aren't Flossing and It's Doing More Damage than You Think
Gum disease treatments
Periodontal Disease Prevention | Florida Dentist | Artistic Touch Dentistry
Why Do Teeth Turn Black?
Senior Care: Oral Health for Seniors
What is 'Plaque'? and how does it affect teeth? Plaque is a
The main cause of periodontal disease is bacterial plaque, a sticky, colorless film that constantly forms on your teeth. However, factors like the following ...
Gum Disease
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Periodontal disease is the major cause of about 70 percent of adult tooth loss. It affects three out of four persons at some point in life.
Effect of oil pulling on plaque induced gingivitis: A randomized, controlled, triple-blind study ...
Due to irregular brushing, a sticky colorless or pale deposit, known as plaque,starts affecting teeth and ...
Plaque is a sticky colorless film, composed primarily of bacteria and food particles which adhere to your teeth at and below ...
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While the main cause of gum infection is bacterial plaque, other factors can also affect the health of your gums. Tobacco use may be one of the most ...
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... we are committed to the oral healthcare of your pet and offer dental cleanings, extractions, and basic oral surgery as well as many take-home products ...
#4: Plaque & Tartar
Are you at risk of gum disease?
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Do I need to use mouthwash?
The story of tooth decay